Master Tones The Widener

Master Tones The Widener

Breaking the borderline of the stereo image, The Widener expands the boundary of your sound to a whole new level, immersing the listener in the dimension of sound field you build. Powered by our very own Ariosa AI technology, The Widener is able to work seamlessly without having any phasing issues, giving you the smoothest user experience. The EQ feature enables you to target the frequency range specifically for your sound, alternating only the frequency band you want to work at.


Expand stereo width image to a new level
EQ for the plugin to function only at certain frequency range
Smooth functioning without any phasing issue
Input/Output gains with reverse link
Intuitive and neat UI/UX, easy to navigate
Presets that help with fast mixing
Highest supporting sampling rate at 96kHz (up to 192 kHz internal working sampling rate)

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