Reason RE SKP Sound Design Sugar-Q

Reason RE SKP Sound Design Sugar-Q

Introducing Sugar-Q by SKP Sound Design. Sugar-Q Sweetening Equalizer is a 1U Rack Extension inspired by Peter Baxandall's legendary tone control circuit, the classic that graced us with the world's most popular EQ curves. Whether you are tracking, mixing or mastering, Sugar-Q will improve the sound of any source, without altering the core characteristics of the material.

- Classic Baxandall EQ Curves
- Smooth & Natural Character
- Variable Analog Mojo

The Sugar-Q Rack Extension carves broad, open curves and gentle sloping cuts that provide subtle, yet powerful control over wide sections of the frequency spectrum. It's smooth, musical response and variable analog mojo effortlessly breathe sweet-sounding highs and three-dimensional lows into your tracks, mixes and masters.

- Classic design based on Baxandall shelving curves.
- 5dB of cut and boost in 1/2 step increments for precise control over sweetening.
- 12dB High and lowpass filters to eliminate infrasonic rumble and high-end noise.
- Broad curves allow for powerful changes without altering your source material.
- Add subtle analog warmth and character using the Mojo control.

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