Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Air

Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Air

The Mixfood Ambient Synth series consists of 4 unique devices. We've chosen the 4 elements Water, Air, Earth and Fire to categorize the samples. All sounds are unique field recordings and most of them are seamlessly loopable.

Mixfood Air is all about air! Fast en slow winds, summer breezes, big wind gusts, air conditioners, hissing sounds, breathing humans and much more.

- Ambient sample player and wavetable synthesizer
- Unique samples, field recordings
- 4 Oscillators with effects and modulation matrix

Product Description:
Mixfood Air is a sample player/wavetable synthesizer with over 100 high quality samples all about air. Use all 4 oscillators to create amazing windy and breezy ambient soundscapes. When put into device mode 'Synthesizer' all samples turn into dynamic sounding wavetables. The wavetables can now be played like a regular synthesizer.

Mixfood Air has 4 oscillators. All oscillators have a dedicated effects section with delay, reverb eq and phaser. And all oscillators have a dedicated modulation matrix with multiple sources and destinations.

Use the 150+ patches as a template for your next project. Tweak a few knobs or start from scratch to create your own sounds and save them as patches.

In combination with the other 3 'elements', Mixfood Water, Mixfood Fire and Mixfood Earth create soundscapes with up to 16 oscillators. Extra fun is the possibility to play the samples backwards. Use the loop knob to play the samples in a seamless loop or turn looping off to play one shots.

Mixfood Air is easy to operate but for your convenience a manual is available.

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