Reason RE Auryn64 The Synthwave Plugin

Reason RE Auryn64 The Synthwave Plugin

The Synthwave Plugin was the brainchild of TurboVCR and Derek Strike. It was made in conjunction with experienced RE developer Skrock music. As the namesake might suggest, this is an homage to the analog nostalgic sounds of the 80s. It is not a direct clone of anything from the past but rather a combination of things we love from that era (just as Synthwave music is). This was created as our own personal Dreamsynth for the genre.

The Synthwave plugin features 3 oscillators with mixable waveforms, multimode filter, an extensive FX and a modulation matrix both globally and on each oscillator.

- Subtractive analog style synthesis
- Extensive Modulation Matrix
- Reverb, Delay, Tape, and Chorus

Product Description:
- 3 Main Oscillators
- Mix between waveforms
- Sub Oscillator
- Noise Generator
- Multi mode filter featuring: LP24, LP12, LP6, BP and HP
- Filter drive
- 2 Envelope generators
- 1 amp envelope generator
- 2 LFO's
- Tape, delay, chorus, eq and reverb fx
- Oscillator width and analog behavior controls
- TurboVCR custom presets

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