Reason RE Amaloo Studio EXP1

Reason RE Amaloo Studio EXP1

The EXP1 is a MIDI CC to CV converter with a variety of controls to let you sculpt and modify the signal. The large, configurable display shows the input and output in real time. It includes over twenty combinator patches lovingly crafted for use with a wind controller such as the EWI-USB or WX7.

- Converts aftertouch, expression, breath, and mod wheel to CV.
- Large, configurable display.
- 1 CV input, 6 CV outputs.
- Curve control - apply a response curve to the signal.
- Shift, Gain - add to or scale the input signal.
- Separate attack and decay lag controls for smoothing the signal.

On the Back Panel
- Switch the Attack and Decay slope from exponential to linear
- 6 CV outputs
- 1 CV input
- CV control of Curve, Shift, Attack, Decay and Gain

Use the EXP1 to...
- Add extra sensitivity to keyboard aftertouch.
- Add a breath response curve to a breath controller such as the AKAI EWI-USB or EWI4000s.
- Smooth the response of your external controllers using Attack and Decay.
- View CV from other devices with the large, multi function display.

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