Reason RE Robotic Bean CV-I

Reason RE Robotic Bean CV-I

CV-I features 8 channels of high quality audio to CV conversion. You can use CV-I to receive CV signals from a hardware modular system using a compatible audio interface, or from Reaktor VST via the additional audio outputs on its plugin device in Reason.

- Control Reason devices from your modular via CV
- 8 channels of high quality conversion
- Name labels and activity LEDs for each channel

Product Description:
8 channels of audio to CV conversion
High quality downsampling from audio to CV rate
Each channel can be named for better overview, on both front and back
Bipolar signal visualization LEDs for each channel, on front, back and folded front
Please note:

Receiving CV signals from external hardware requires a compatible audio interface with DC-coupled inputs (see list here)
Not suitable for receiving pitch CV signals due to different standards

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