Reason RE Robotic Bean EC-1 Electro Clapper

Reason RE Robotic Bean EC-1 Electro Clapper

EC-1 is a synthetic hand clapper for Reason, based on the hand clap found in the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine. But we've gone beyond that by adding true stereo and several knobs to tweak the sound to your taste. Everything can be automated and CV-controlled to really make the clap sound come to life in your tracks.

- Classic 808 handclap synthesis - No samples!
- Built-in preset rhythm patterns
- True stereo and highly tweakable

Product Description:
The sound engine in EC-1 is based on the filtered white noise design of the classic Roland TR-808, and we think you will recognize the sound. However, using the built-in Frequency, Decay and Ambience Level settings, you can shape that classic sound to almost anything. And, EC-1 comes with a true stereo mode for a more updated sound.

To help you get started quickly, EC-1 has a small preset sequencer section called Auto Rhythm. It has four patterns, each with a unique fill variation . If these patterns are not enough, you can of course switch Auto Rhythm off and trigger EC-1 via MIDI or CV.

Real-time synthesis based on the Roland TR-808 hand clap
True stereo, can be switched off
Control over the frequency (tone), decay and ambience level
The Intensity knob controls the maximum velocity
Built-in Auto Rhythm with 4 preset rhythms: Pop, House, Dub and All 4
A unique fill variation for each pattern
Gate output to pass on incoming triggers or play other devices with Auto Rhythm
Full CV support
Full automation and Remote support

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