Reason RE Robotic Bean TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer

Reason RE Robotic Bean TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer

TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer allows you to connect multi-gate rack sequencers like Redrum, Propulsion, Euclid, Elementary and more, to instruments that only have the standard Gate and Note CV input pair. This opens up a whole new palette of drum instruments and sounds to use: NN-XT, Combinators and VSTs.

- Control any drum instrument from gate sequencers
- Quick setup with key maps and pre-routed Combis
- Easy bouncing of gate sequencer patterns to track

Product Description:
Using a technology called multiplexing, TM-1 converts 16 separate gate CV signals into the standard Gate and Note CV pair used by most instruments in Reason. It comes packed with pre-routed Combinator patches for all popular rack sequencers, and a variety of key mapping patches. All ready to use your rack sequencer with drum sounds from NN-XT, Combinator or VSTs!

Each channel has a name label, a note setting, and mute/solo buttons. There is a MIDI learn mode for the note setting, and it can even be automated and Remote-controlled. An Audition feature sends triggers when the note setting is changed, making it easy to find the right note. The mute and solo states are stored in the patch, which opens up creative possibilities for live use.

Besides its main functionality, TM-1 can also be used to convert MIDI to separate Gate triggers, and to write rack sequencer patterns into Note Clips in Reason's sequencer. There is info on how to do this in the TM-1 User Guide, and in one of our Quick Tip videos.

Multiplexing of 16 gate CV signals to Note and Gate CV
Converts all inputs signals to 10ms triggers
Pre-routed Combi patches for all popular rack sequencers
Patches with different key mappings
Channel name labels
MIDI learn mode for note settings
Audition of note setting (can be switched off)
Mute and Solo for all channels
Gate out for each channel, which means you can use TM-1 as a Drum Trigger (MIDI to CV Gate) and Remapper (using two instances). Check out the included Combi patches!
Clear Mute and Solo buttons
Enable Outputs setting
Full automation support
Can be used to write sequencer patterns into Note Clips (see Quick Tip video #1)

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