Reason RE Skrock Orbis

Reason RE Skrock Orbis

Orbis Wavetable Synthesizer is a mono/poly wavetable synth. Orbis features 4 oscillators, each with a selection of 14 wavetables.

- 14 Spreadable Wavetables
- Easy to tweak and mod!

Product Description:
4 Oscillators with a selection of 14 wavetables each.

Oscillator 1/2/3/4 controls:
Volume, Drive, Tune.
Detune, Offset (wave start position).
Spread (Stereo spread depending on detune/offset setting).
Wavetable start position, Start velocity, Start ADSR, Start LFO. Pitch LFO (with attack control).

Filter Section:
LP24, BP6, HP12. All can be enabled simultaneously.
Filter ADSR, Filter LFO (OSC: 1,2,3,4).

Master Volume, High Shelf, Amp ADSR.

Voices (Mono, 2, 4, 8), Master Tune.

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