Reason RE Static Cling Chord Detector

Reason RE Static Cling Chord Detector

Chord Detector is a Player that processes incoming MIDI in real time and detects the current chord or interval being played. It was designed to be lightweight, lightning fast, and look great working along side the other Players.

It is an essential device for producers of all skill levels, aiding the user with songwriting and music theory while also facilitating collaboration with other musicians.

- Chord Detection
- MIDI Visualization
- Velocity Monitor

Product Description:
The device itself does not alter MIDI events like a typical Player might, it simply analyzes the notes being played and then transparently passes the MIDI data through to the instrument or next Player.

It also includes a piano roll to visualize the current MIDI input. This can be useful for learning how chords are constructed or for seeing the specific notes of a chord, which can be very useful for writing melodies. This feature can also be used to visualize the output of Players placed above it, whether those Players are producing chords or not.

It has a few simple controls:
- Accidental Button: Switching between sharp or flat note names
- Hold Button: When activated notes will act as if they are held even after being released.
- Hold Length: When Hold Mode is enabled, this knob on the back of the device sets a duration to wait after not receiving MIDI before automatically resetting held notes. Defaults to "Manual Toggle", which means Hold Mode must be disabled and enabled to clear.
- Tool Mode Dropdown: A dropdown on the back of the device that switches to alternate tool modes offering various functionality outside of Chord Detection.

The simplicity of the device means it requires no setup and there's no learning curve. Just drop it on whatever instrument you're playing and keep on jamming.

The code behind the chord detection is a more robust version of the battle-tested algorithm in my previous RE release, Index.

Chord Detector can accurately and instantly detect over 75 unique chord variations, including the following:

- All Intervals (2 note building blocks of chords)
- Triads (Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented)
- 7th Chords (Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished)
- 9th Chords (All varieties)
- 11th Chords (All varieties)
- 13th Chords (All varieties)
- Add 2 and 4 Chords
- Suspended 2 and 4 Chords
- 6 Chords (Major, Minor)
- A comprehensive assortment of chord variations, commonly found in Jazz

It can also detect chord inversions, as well as detecting a second chord when there are two potential matches.

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