Reason RE Softube Tube Delay

Reason RE Softube Tube Delay

A distorted delay with an attitude is great for adding depth and dimension to a number of sound sources. Use Tube Delay on vocals, drums, guitars, synths and tweak the knobs for anything from a subtle depth or a slapback to a smokey dub echo-or the most nightmarish feedback.

- Distorted delay with an attitude

Product Description:
Tube Delay is a marriage between analog and digital, combining the warmth and natural compression from tubes with the features and versatility of a digital delay.

The controls are quite self explanatory, but it's the sound that sets Tube Delay apart from any other delay you have tried. The drive knobs add a wonderfully dirty distorsion and the tone controls are just sweet. There's actually three different tube stages in this model, each adding to the total sound.

The tone controls are passive and add further to the distortion. Turn up the feedback while running, and find yourself in the middle of an authentic dub echo madness! We of course added the possibility of tempo syncing the delay to your song.

In short
- 1-1000 ms delay
- Sync tempo to host
- Vintage style passive EQ
- Gritty feedback feature
- Tube preamp simulaton

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