Reason RE 17 Frames Media Haze Mate Noise Generator 2

Reason RE 17 Frames Media Haze Mate Noise Generator 2

This is a nasty bit of equipment that offers a deeper, more hands on approach to noise generating. We have taken the, oft neglected, tiny corner of the oscillator section and expanded it out. Giving you the ability to morph between levels of randomness in frequency and amplitude, as well the shape of the waves themselves. The result is a tone that begins ‘white’, but soon descends into some strange and wonderfull landscapes. It wont be long before you will be creating your own sounds with the HazeMate, but just to get you started we have also included a set of combinators that utilise the different paths this HazeMate can be used. From evolving textures, to full glitch drum sets. From modular synth setups to atmospheric sound effects setups.

Broad Frequency control that begins with ‘OFF WHITE’ noise and then slows down the lower depths of the hell hounds howling at the gates of heaven (say hi to Glenn Branca while you are there)
Adjust the random length between the amplitude values.
Smooth out the connections and adjust the falloff shape.
Add a platform to the wave before moving onto the next value.
Add levels of digital noise to the mix
Break up the sound again with a rough and ready sputter section. No apologies here: pops, clicks galore with two interdependent freq and length controls. Also adds a gate out to play with.
An LFO that uses the same engine as the noise audio so you can shape the CV in all sorts of new ways.
Finally, to simplify things: a generate button (also available in the folded mode).

You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder•

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