2getheraudio RE4ORM

2getheraudio RE4ORM

Not everything in life needs to be hard. Creating a unique sound can be easy and fun. RE4ORM does just that by providing simple macro-driven control over a powerful additive synthesis engine. It’s never been easier to get inspired.

Touch the wave!
Take control over RE4ORM’s pristine additive synth engine with a simple drag of your mouse. Unlike typical additive synthesizers that require you to edit each partial individually, RE4ORM lets you grab multiple partials at once and 4orm them to your sonic liking.

Unique sound design is made fast and easy. It takes just seconds to pick a sound and make it your own.

Your sound in motion.
Giving your sound depth and dynamic motion is a multi-dimensional party in RE4ORM.

RE4ORM’s Free4orm Filter is a crazy smart Super LFO controlling a selectable high pass, low pass, band pass, notch and peak filter with amazing results.

XY Dimensional Effects
RE4ORM’s Dimensional Effects go far beyond what other plugins offer.

4 sound bending effects, including a very cool pipe modeling filter, are guaranteed to add anything from a little extra thickness to an otherworldly soundscape to your music. The unique XY Pad layout lets you take them even further by using your mouse to easily dial in movement.

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