2getheraudio RICH Drums

2getheraudio RICH Drums

Following the huge success of our RICH mastering processor comes RICH Drums, a dedicated dynamics, EQ and imaging processor for your drum tracks. Just put RICH Drums on your stereo drum bus, step through the presets and listen to your drum tracks come alive. Free trial available.

No complexity – just great sounding drum tracks.
Smart compression, warm analog-modeled saturation, and ready-mix equalization. RICH Drums does all this and more.

RICH Drums uses a proprietary Adaptive Band Dynamics circuit to carefully shape the loudness of your stereo drum mix.

The drum equalizer and stereo imaging processor allows for precision control of your drums’ stereo image and separate EQ tonal shaping of Mid and Side signals.

The large Boost knob is where the magic happens, adding compression, saturation, warmth and punch, all in a single knob.

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