2getheraudio SN4RE Drum

2getheraudio SN4RE Drum

We all love our 808 snares, but let’s face it, sometimes you need to venture away from the same-old-thing and do something different. With snare drums, that can be scary given how important they are to a beat or groove. So we made SN4RE Drum. A virtual instrument built specifically for getting your perfect electronic snare drum sound.

Precision is Perfection
To get the perfect snare drum sound you need some precision controls. SN4RE Drum gives you those controls. If you need extra drive or punch, you can do it. If you need a brighter or darker tone, higher or lower pitch, or even a snappier attack, SN4RE Drum has you covered. A full 34 parameters, all automatable in your DAW, deliver limitless

We’ve done the hard part so you can get creative
Precision control doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, SN4RE Drum is fun to program! Two modes, Expert and Simple, give you everything you need to find, polish or experiment with your sound while still making that important production deadline.

Under the Hood
Under the hood of SN4RE Drum is a serious audio engine that’s finely tuned to deliver a huge range of electronic snare drum sounds.

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