The Creative Filter For Sound Designers
SPCTRL EQ allows you to sculpt and shape up to 4096 individual frequency bands in a unique and powerful way. The heart of SPCTRL EQ is its highly flexible Curve Editor that gives you excellent control over the spectrum of any sound.

This Mode gives you access to the powerful vector curve editor. Draw any imaginable EQ shape with high precision and flexibility.

We developed shape mode to make Vector editing fun again and help you to instantly come up with complex shape patterns. Shape Mode allows you to create unique and complex filter shapes.

Twist and bend your EQ curves in real time. In combination with our powerful modulation system Transform mode unleashes the full potential of SPCTRL EQ

Boundless Modulation Capabilities
SPCTRL EQ is equipped with our state of the art TONSTURM Modulation System, previously known from FRQ Shift. Modulating parameters is a breeze and allows you to create tense and alive sounding patches.

Outstanding Presets
SPCTRL EQ sculpts your audio source in incredible ways. It comes with a huge variety of lovingly crafted presets showcasing you its full potential.

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