Denise Audio Sub Generator

Windows / Mac
Denise Audio Sub Generator

The Sub Generator is a great way to quickly dial in low frequencies to tracks in your mix, using our simple-to-use GUI and controls. Inspired by the same enveloping filter concept as our Noize 2 plugin, the plugin allows you a great level of control over this tricky frequency range in the mix.

With the denise Sub Generator you can quickly dial in a sub that compliments the tone and frequency of it's source signal, and this can be applied to any sound or signal in your DAW. By fine tuning the frequency or note, you can easily tune your drums by adding extra sub to your tracks or even replacing it. The plugin can make your basslines deeper, make-up for distant microphone recordings for drums or vocals, and can even be used as a stand alone sub. Add weight to and really feel your bottom end.

Read the instructions in FLARE.txt to properly authorize!

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