Sauceware Audio Octave Deluxe + Bonuses RETAiL

Windows / Mac
Sauceware Audio Octave Deluxe + Bonuses RETAiL

Octave Deluxe

A cutting-edge plugin built specifically for rap producers. Custom sounds created using live instruments and rare analog gear.

Get over 300 custom-made presets when you buy Octave Deluxe

Guitars are the wave right now in hip hop production. Recorded in studio from live guitar, to ensure the sounds are as realistic as possible! Perfect for creating that modern sound that's exploding on TikTok, and through artists like DaBaby, Gunna, and Lil Baby.

Recorded in studio, using live strings. These warm, mesmerizing string samples can be used as a foundation for your tracks, or as the added sprinkles on top of your productions. Whether you want that epic orchestra vibe, or you just want a smooth, airy mist over your beat, this pack is going to make it all happen.

Experiment with a unique mixture of synthetic and organic sounds. Adds grit and edge to your production, perfect for creating that dark and eerie Travis Scott style. This Trap expansion pack is designed specifically for hiphop producers.

Add ambiance, warmth, and atmosphere to your beats with the Octave Deluxe Lo-fi Expansion Pack. Created using vintage analog equipment. Make your beats sound less digital, and more realistic. Perfect for Chill Hop, R&B, and/or creating smooth, easy-to-listen to music.

Vintage Synths
Pulled from world-class vintage analog synth equipment, this expansion pack will allow you to create full, monstrous synth chords and melodies, allowing you to get that sound that has lasted decades! Get all of these unique vintage sounds, without

Yes, there is no actual demo or walkthrough for the product from the developers. Just useless talking over to make you buy the plugin.

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