FUTUR Sample Famous Retro Sound V1

Windows / Mac
FUTUR Sample Famous Retro Sound V1

In this plugin you will find the sounds of many major pop song from 80's, sampled on vintage synths.
(Toto, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Imagination, Supertramp, Kavinsky ...)
It's my personal collection, i've made this plugin to regroup all sounds in one place.

You can change the Volume, Cutoff, Pan, ADSR and add Reverb. The modulation wheel is assigned to an LFO on the pitch to add a funky touch to your lead !

Presets list :

BASS AxelBASS CallVinsky
BASS Chameleon
BASS Fat Boerk
BASS Holliday
BASS Imagillusion
BASS Reach For It
BRASS AfricaHIT Beat Hit
KEY Freddie
KEY LogicalKEY Super Stevie
LEAD AxelLEAD Holiday
LEAD La Playa
LEAD Let’s Go
LEAD LucyLEAD Shine On You
STRING Holiday

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