General Vibes Vector Sector

General Vibes Vector Sector

VectorSector accurately recreates the sound of the Sequential Prophet VS, the classic and sought-after wavetable synth from the mid-80s. It includes reconstructed versions of the original factory presets utilizing mathematically derived waveforms, and adds several enhancements such as variable polyphony (up to 16 voices), expanded control ranges, and additional modulation routings.


4 oscillators (A/B/C/D) per synth voice.
Each oscillator selects one of 126 waveforms or white noise.
4-pole (24 dB/octave) lowpass filter with resonance.
Up to 16 voice polyphony.
4-segment envelopes controlling mix/filter/amplifier with multi-mode loop/repeat.
2 LFOs per voice with 6 wave shapes.
Modulation matrix with global and per-voice sources, scaling and multiple destinations per source.
100 presets.
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