Initial Audio Symbiotic SEKTOR EXPANSION

Initial Audio Symbiotic SEKTOR EXPANSION

Symbiotic for Sektor features 95 New presets. Inspired by todays Modern ‘Hybrid Trap” Scene. The Expansion Comes with Starter Arps,Heavy Growls,Drop ready Leads, Lush pads, Ominous Bells, Realistic Organs and More.

This pack was made with the Club ready producer in mind. Take your Projects From bedroom to Mainstage with Ease.

Just Because Symbiotic was Inspired by Modern Day Trap Music does not,
Mean it has to stay in that realm.

This Expansion can help with the creation of almost any genre. Cinematic, Hip Hop, DnB, Atmospheric, Neuro, House, Electro and Much More.

Symbiotic much like its definition is truly Multi Genre and able to exsist in almost any style of music or project.

For Fans of Riot Ten,Eptic,Peg Board Nerds,Zomboy,Axel Boy,Lil Jon,Meau Green,Sultan.

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