Redwirez BIGbox X Modern Classics

Redwirez BIGbox X Modern Classics

The Modern Classics collection captures the big cabs and even bigger sounds of rock, hard rock and metal. We sampled a few small cabs for added flavor. Sculpt a truly epic tone.

Treat yourself to impulse responses from 22 iconic speaker cabinets. Bring life to lifeless simulations. Add some oomph to your amp sim hardware. Or, crank your tube amp to 10 at any volume.

For Redwirez' 10th anniversary we've reimagined our collection with 10 years of customer feedback in mind. Yes! They sound different. They sound better!

What’s New in the Anniversary Edition

Longer. Now 500ms for better bass definition.
Smoother. Advanced processing to remove unwanted acoustic artifacts.
Cleaner. Less noise, better SNR.
Easier. Presets for commonly used studio techniques.
Mix ready. We filter out the rumble and buzz. IRs sit better in the mix.

Why Redwirez

Each BIGbox cabinet is sampled at 0, ½, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 inches – at up to 6 different speaker positions. This systematic sampling method results in a "grid" of IRs with small, linear changes between them. Because the samples are predictable you can pick a starting point from our "Dialing in your tone" checklist or choose a preset, then quickly zero-in on the perfect sound.

You can use the same micing techniques used in a studio because each library is like a real cab. You like the graininess of your 57, but it has a little too much sizzle, then move it closer by an inch. You want two 57s with one off-axis. Go for it. You want to mic the cone and boost those highs for more air. You can.

A good guitar tone is built with many moving parts. Your setup is unique. Don't settle for someone else's idea of good tone. Hone your own.

What You Get

The collection contains both raw IRs and mixIR³ IR modules.

IRs are packaged as WAV audio files in a variety of sample rates. They can be loaded into most any convolution software or hardware.

MixIR³ IR modules are for use with Redwirez mixIR³ only. Each module contains all IRs for a single cabinet in one file. Loading up an IR module in the mixIR³ brings up a point-and-click visual interface for selecting mics and mic position. Modules also provide controls for tweaking the cabinet's impedance curve and bass response.

The mixIR³ plug-in is not included with the Modern Classics library.

Sound Samples

Hard Rock: no EQ, no compression, so TURN IT UP!
Helix: Bogner Uberschall
Headrush FX: Satriani Style
Helix: EVH Brown Sound
AxeFx: More EVH Brown Sound
Helix: Bogner Shiva - Jonn Mayer Style
AX8/CAA3: Various Styles
Helix: VOX AC15 + TS808
Helix: Matchless Country Ballad

IR Features

22 iconic speaker/cabinets used on some of the greatest recordings EVER
Sampled with 14 industry-standard microphones, each with their own special sound
Up to 6 mic positions to dial in the right tone for your amp
9 different mic distances for different amounts of proximity effect, cabinet and room sound
500ms IRs packaged in common sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz
Aligned for better phase coherence. Mix multiple cabs and mics without comb filtering.
Uncompromising signal chain. Cabs driven by a super-clean power amp, captured with classic Neve preamps and top-notch converters.
Compatible with a wide range of recording software and hardware. If your plug-in or device can load a WAV file then it is likely compatible.

mixIR³ Module Features

Exclusively for the Redwirez mixIR³
All current Redwirez cabs can be loaded as modules into the mixIR³
Navigate a virtual 3D cab to visually sculpt your tone
Accurately model tube amp and speaker interaction with cab-specific impedance curves.
Easily adjust cabinet bass response
Equal loudness compensation. Constant level across IRs so you can make decisions based on tone not volume.

MixIR³ plug-in is not included with the Modern Classics library

IR Sampling

Redwirez IRs are sampled using a rigorous system. As a result, the change from one IR to the next is consistent and predictable. This allows you to dial in the perfect tone.

We sample the upper left (or top) speaker of each cabinet using up to 6 positions. The positions are (as shown above):

Cap center
Cap 45° Off Axis
Cap Edge
Cap Edge 45° Off Axis
Cone Edge

Off-axis means the mic as tilted at a 45° angle rather than pointed directly at the speaker.

For each speaker position, we sample at up to nine distances: 0", 0.5", 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", and 12".

The mic will pick up different aspects of the cabinet depending on the mic position. The farther the mic is from the speaker, the more bleed it will pick up from the other speakers in the cabinet.

The cap position is the brightest. It has the most high end. The closer you move to the cone position, the less high-end you will hear.

Mics also thin out as they get farther from the speaker. This is caused by the proximity effect exhibited by cardioid and figure-8 mics like the SM57 and R121. It boosts the low-end when the mic is close to the speaker.

Not every mic was sampled in every position and at every distance. Click on the Details links in the cabinet list below for a definitive list of IRs for each cab.

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