Analog Obsession Distox

Windows / Mac
Analog Obsession Distox

Sculpt it!
Colorful distortion box with HPF/LPF and MIX functions!

True Component & Circuit Modeling
Not any specific model. Fully unique designs with true component and circuit modeling.

Fully emulated line-amps,preamps and distortion units.


HPF - High quality analog modeling high pass filter before distortion stage. Off to 2 kHz.
LPF - High quality analog modeling low pass filter before distortion stage. Off to 10 kHz. IN - Will boost or reduce input signal to find sweet spot for smooth saturation to hard distortion!
MODE - Select distortion type. There are 7 modes. 4 solid-state (op-amp) and 3 tube stages.
OUT - Final stage of unit. Comes from MIX knob. So will control overall volume of signal.
MIX - Controll DRY and WET signal. Sculpt your signals with great soft or hard saturation features!
OVERSAMPLE - Oversampling for better processing

CHANGELOG Version 2.1

Improved Oversampling On/Off Mode
Fixed high frequency loss
Extended LPF range
Fixed phase cancellation
Fixed minor bugs
VST3 Support

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