Wave Casual Nylon

Wave Casual Nylon

A geometry-based synthesizer that makes designing sounds explorative and fun.

Geometric Oscillators

This new kind of oscillator lets you define the timbre via a circuler path. The algorithm translates this path to sound, preserving aesthetic properties like sharpness, complexity and symmetry. Each oscillator comes with two shapes, that can be morphed into each other. This lets you easily create complex, interesting, moving timbres, all before the filter.


> 2 geometric oscillators
> 2 sub oscillators
> Noise generator
> Frequency modulation
> Analog modeled filters with drive
> VCAs analog modelled distortion
> Ultra fat chorus and spacious delay


> 6 freely assignable modulators
> 3 freely assignable Midi inputs
> Intuitive Drag & Drop modulation assignment
> LFO and ADSR modulator types


> Shared online preset library
> Efficient tagging, and searching of presets
> In-app help for every parameter

-Install Presets
-Use Nylon Demo to install more presets.

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