Klevgrand Modley

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Klevgrand Modley

Modley is a modulation delay with effect insert capabilities, which lets you design the whole delay signal with several carefully selected effect modules to create unique signal flows. The idea behind Modley is to push the boundaries of what a delay effect is capable of – only your imagination sets the limits! While Modley sure can be used to do all the traditional tricks - Stereo delay, Tape delay, Short slapback delay etc., its true potential lies within the variety of unexpected effect modules that can be applied.


- 15 different effect modules – Panning modulation, Phaser, Distortion, Tape Saturation, Pitch Shifter, Delay (!), Reverb and much more.
- Time sync.
- Global modulation of the delay.
- Built-in limiter.
- Freeze function, with pre- or post-loop processing.
- Lots of presets to kickstart the creative flow.
- Dry/wet mix

Team R2R Note: (v1.0.1)
Almost all products are fully keygened this time. The binary is not touched
at all so AAX works as it is in the legit ProTools (if the product has AAX).
We don't crack the software in 5 minutes if we know we can do better :)

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