Gramotech Pompeii

Gramotech Pompeii

Pompeii gives you ultimate control over the loudness of your sound through an exquisitely designed interface. Perfect for mastering, Pompeii can give your sound that necessary final touch to get it ready for the world to hear.

Pompeii is a multiband dynamics processing plug-in.

It was designed to give you ultimate control over the loudness of your sound. To achieve this, Pompeii splits your signal into four, user configurable bands and applies either compression or expansion to the band before mixing them back together. Pompeii also features a master band which is applied after the four other bands and applies to the full frequency range.

Pompeii features all of the controls you would expect to find on a dynamics processor:

Controls the level at which the dynamics processing acts. Levels above this will be reduced by the compressor, levels below this will be reduced by the expander.

How much the level is reduced.

Controls how smooth the transition is between the reduced level and the untouched level about the threshold.

Gain Reduction Limit
Sets the maximum amount of reduction.

The time it takes the envelope to meet peaks.

The time it takes the envelope to decay after peaks.

The makeup gain applied after the processing.

How much of the processed signal is passed to the output.

Each band also shows the input and output levels for that particular band so you can see exactly how your sound is being processed.

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