Sonoris Dither

Windows / Mac
Sonoris Dither

Sonoris Dither is a professional, high quality audio plugin for mastering purposes. With this plugin you can quantize audio to a lower bitdepth with dither and/or noiseshaping. The dithertype is selectable between TPDF and High Pass (HP) TPDF. TPDF is short for Triangular Probability Densitity Function, a form of dither that eliminates non-linear distortion during re-quantization and has no signal modulation artifacts.


Dither types: Triangular Probability Densitity Function (TPDF)
Dither types: HighPass TPDF
5th order (curve A)
9th order (curve B and C)
Dither and noiseshaping independent adjustable
Dither is generated in assembly language
Quantization to 20 or 16 bit
Full automation possible
Low CPU load
Settings can be saved
64 bit integer math throughout the signal path, except for the noiseshaping filters

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