Denise Bite

Windows / Mac
Denise Bite

Bruise, break and crush to get that LoFi house-techno, industrial and IDM sound, but with full control and an analog edge. Sink your teeth into our new plugin!

Transitions continuously from 32-bit all the way down to 1-bit. For smooth automation with surgical precision.
Use the analog control to go from harsh and digital to subtle with a warm tone.
Full control over the frequency range you want to crush. Preserve the low end and color your sound.
Use on a bus of full mix with the link button to retain the stereo image.

The denise Bite is a flexible bit-crusher plugin for adding subtle and not-so-subtle digital style distortion to your tracks. It has been designed to transition smoothly from 32-bit all the way down to 1-bit, and has a continuous 'analog' control that softens the digital edges caused by the quantization process. Together with its variable-slope multiband setup and stereo link option, the denise Bite is a smooth and versatile tool that combines best of both the analog and the digital realm

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