Boom Library ReCenter

Boom Library ReCenter

ReCenter automatically repairs off-center stereo recordings while keeping the original stereo width which makes it an invaluable time-saver and a perfect tool for professional post-production. Fix off-centered stereo field recordings, dynamically center vocal artists or musicians that moved around the stage or center hard directional effects like drive-bys and stereo whooshes. ReCenter makes tedious panning automation obsolete so you can focus on your creative flow.

ReCenter is a stereo processor that constantly analyses an incoming stereo signal and dynamically rotates it to the center or a given angle without altering the stereo width. Having the incoming signal centered, you can narrow or widen the stereo image within ReCenter. For a better low frequency control you can mono the original signal below a set frequency. A multiband processing option intelligently shifts more complicated signals.

Dynamically create convenient stereo images
Once the center is restored, precisely alter the stereo image
Input stereo or M/S signals
Mono filter below certain frequencies
Multiband mode for heavy-duty applications
Widen or narrow the centered stereo image
Shift the output angle to left or right

Easily correct any stereo recording, where the microphone angle was off
Dynamically center a vocal artist that moved around the stage while performing
Center stereo whooshes, drive- or fly-bys and other hard directional effects
Widen instrument recordings while keeping a perfect stereophonic balance

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