DMG Audio TrackGate

Windows / Mac
DMG Audio TrackGate

TrackGate is a real replacement for console and outboard gate/expanders. Instant to use, plus digital niceties like lookahead and intelligent detection.

1.00 -> 1.01

OpenGL improvements
Reduce graphics overheads
Improve text editing on 64bit mac
Fix bug with rare crash when MIDI learning
Improve VST3 automation
Add check for AU mono case.
Improve calliper sliders.
Improve preset handling
Improve Zoomed GR scaling
Improve mousewheel handling on windows
Accept ',' as well as '.' for numeric entry
Improve preset extension handling on windows
Improve keyboard handling
Support VST3 GR metering in Studio One
Improve automation resolution in Logic X
Fix VST3 double-precision sidechaining in Wavelab 9
Fix input gain metering
Fix ProTools automation of attack/release

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