Studio One X

Studio One X is a set of extensions created and designed by Narech Kontcell for the PreSonus Studio One DAW. It consists of two independent parts: an executable library and a scripts library.

The executable library is compatible with 32- and 64-bit versions of Studio One v2 and v3 on the Windows platform and implements the following enhancements:

Fullscreen mode with or without menu bar at the top of the screen.
Modified behaviour of the Middle Mouse Button to allow pan and smooth zoom actions.
Support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons which can be mapped to simulate key presses.
Performance indicator telling the amount of free physical memory and CPU load.
Auto-scroll mode enabling continuous scrolling in PRV.
NI Komplete Kontrol Keyboard integration.
Real-time chord detection and display.

Scripts Library

The scripts library is platform independent and is compatible with Windows and OSX systems. It extends the default Studio One features with a set of new commands and functions available from the Studio One X Toolbar panel (opens with the new X icon once the scripts library is installed).

The new commands and functions provided by the scripts library are listed below.

Musical commands:

Legato and Trim Overlaps
Randomize Note Start/Length/Velocity
Humanize Velocity
Copy Velocity
Note Doubling in octaves
Note Event Filter
Note Event List
Chord Assistant
Articulation Assistant
and others...

Note Selection commands:

Select All Following with Equal/Similar Pitch/Velocity/Subposition

Track commands:

Track Properties
Mixer Console commands:
Channel Presets

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