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Rob Papen Go2

In the Rob Papen world of synthesis there was one type of synthesizer missing… A synthesizer that has all of the controls and features available visually all at once.

The current Rob Papen collection holds synthesizers which contain many features and types of synthesis which sometimes can be daunting to the average user. But there is always something tempting and fun in something that is so simple!

Look at the 1980's, in which we had top synthesizers like the Roland Jupiter-8, but also at the other end of the spectrum the simpler but fantastic synths like the SH-101. And yes, both became classic synthesizers.
Compare it also whilst making music, very often less is more and this is also can be applied whilst using synthesizers. Sure, with a heavily featured synthesizer, you can also be less complex in a patch. But this often still takes more time to achieve.

So, say hello to Go2!

Latest update version info:
Go2 v1.0.0b (PC) 10 May 2018 | Go2 v1.0.0b (Mac) - 10 May 2018
improved CPU usage by 20 – 30 % in general
when you have the Free LFO in synced mode, the speed readout acts as a menu so you can select the speed easily
in XY Free mode , if you have XY modulation on, and you move the XY dot, it’ll update the oscillator screen
LFO mode / waveform menus were swapped, so we put them into correct position.
host automation works now with the graphics envelope & xy screen
improved octave behavior when you using tied notes in special mode in arp chord / sequencer modes
improved 24N filter in Unison mode
improved oscillator screen output so it doesn’t freeze when you release notes while others are playing
improve pitch modulation accuracy
other small changes
updates to banks and new presets in 03 JoMal 01

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