Arturia Augmented YANGTZE

Software / Mac
Arturia Augmented YANGTZE

Augmented YANGTZE is a software instrument that unites the unique essence of traditional Chinese instruments with the raw power of synthesis. Discover a spectrum of Chinese musical motifs and modern textures brought to life with experimental processing.


An exploration of China's rich musical heritage, seamlessly woven into the fabric of modern sound design.

Augmented YANGTZE blends meticulous sampling with innovative multilayered synthesis for a sound that transcends traditional musical boundaries. From the rich, earthy tones of the bass Dizi and Xiao to the sparkling overtones of the Yangqin and Erhu to the soulful plucked strings of the Pipa and Guqin - each timbre is presented with unparalleled clarity and depth. Whether you're a composer, producer or sound designer, dive into a wellspring of expressive, textural soundscapes.

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