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S.K.Y. Studios S.K.Y. Keys


Over 2400 synth sounds and other instruments were sampled with the goal of picking the best 200 we could possibly make.

(Ended up with about 230 because I really loved all these sounds too much).

The instruments used to make the samples include a Jupiter 8, Prophet 5, Prophet 6, Moog Model D, Deckards Dream, Subsequent 37, Wurlitzers, Rhodes, Pianos, Panoptigon, Marimba and many other sound sources and outboard effects.


Includes unique effects that have never been implemented into a plug-in before
Tone Shift - Time stretch the samples to adjust the tone for new textures
Reverse - Reverse sections of the samples synced to your bpm
Vibrato - Lo-fi wow and flutter modulation that is voice independent
Filter - Key tracking filters that uniformly sculpt your tone
Reverb - Lush hall reverb to add to your sounds
Saturation - Easily add subtle drive or heavy distortion to your keys


Loop - Ability to loop any sample with built-in location optimization which allows for extremely clean repeats
Glide - Allows for tons of control over pitch glides, even polyphonic legato glides
Stereo Doubler - Imitates the sound of a double tracked keyboard part
Pan Spread - Pans every note slightly to alternating sides to create a natural width and separation
Humanize - Automatically detects quantized input and can adjust the timing and velocity of every note to be more organic


- Compatible with Ableton Live, FL Studio,
Logic Pro, Pro Tools (2022.1 and newer), Cubase, etc.
- Mac OSX 10.13 or Higher Required
- M1 Compatible
- 4.1 GB (8 GB of storage space required to install)
- No iLok Required

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