Slate Digital ANA 2

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Slate Digital ANA 2

Packed with game-changing features like the G-Envelope, 6 Oscillators – including 3 Wavetables and 3 Samplers – and the revolutionary Chord Memory Device that offers instant pro chords on single keys, ANA 2 makes producing tracks faster and more intuitive than ever!

In the ANA 2 Vintage Analog Edition you get:
50 New Analog Modeled Presets featuring Exclusive Slate Analog Wavetables from the most iconic synths of the last three decades
Custom Vintage Analog ANA 2 Skin
Synthwave Masterclass Production course by Brad Brunazzi available in all DAW session formats
Over 200 Drum samples from classic 80's drum machines sampled with state of the art equipment

Release Notes:

v2.5 - Release Version
- FIXED: Issue with samples being copied between MSPr patches when cycling
- FIXED: Issue with zone select and cursor position
- FIXED: Issue with Mute / Solo being reset on cycling MSPr's
- FIXED: Issue where ANA would crash when changing MSPr / Preset
- FIXED: Issue where sort order of multisamples was not saving
- FIXED: Issue where GUI is not visible if the saved GUI is unavailable
- FIXED: Issue with sample playback timing on MSPr files
- FIXED: Issue with Sample waveform display in sampler
- FIXED: Issue when clearing samples from MultiSampler
- UPDATED: GUI Elements

- FIXED: Issue with clearing samples from multisample
- FIXED: Default values on VST3
- FIXED: Pink box appearing on fine tuning knobs

- FIXED: Issue where the sample tab in MS section was not displaying the correct sample
- FIXED: Issue where if 2 samples are mapped to the same key only 1 will play

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