Flexi Player Turntable

Software / Mac
Flexi Player Turntable

Flexi uses its own Hi-Fi audio technology and is even better than real vinyl turntables as it can remaster the sound with the click of one button. You can play the songs with different speed and adjust the sound using the build-in effects of the player. That will give new soul and personality to your music.

Old songs are fun again. Flexi Player is interactive music player with lots of effects and real turntable.
It is easy to remake and play with your songs.

Songs should be downloaded to load them into the Flexi Player, one song at a time .

You can:

- change the speed / tempo of a song
- make scratches
- reverse (play song backwards)
- octave down
- vibrato effect
- phaser effect
- resonator effect
- distortion effect
- reverb effect
- remake effect
- aging effect
- manage the playlist

The playlist is easy to use and you can add add, remove and reorder songs.

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