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Monkey Tools Sound Grinder

Sound Grinder™ will make batch processing in macOS your new favorite activity. Feature-rich, flexible, and a heck-of-a good time, Sound Grinder lets you batch process thousands of files at once without losing time or your metadata. A "must-have" Monkey at a "can't-resist" price.

Fast, Efficient and Rock-Solid. Sound Grinder provides many features that help relieve the frustrations of processing audio assets. With advanced programming and well thought through processing, we are confident that you will find Sound Grinder to be the fastest, most efficient, and rock solid conversion utility you have ever used.

Version 4 now includes:
Support for 64-bit
Compatibility with MacOS 10.10 or greater
Additional performance and stability enhancements

Time-Saving Conversion
Sound Grinder was built to become the best audio convertor for those jobs that steal the most time from the creative process. To accomplish this, we have incorporated many features including, folder retention, custom naming options, Pull Up/Down sample rates, peak and RMS normalizations, and an intuitive user interface built around a one-window design. Now with 64-bit support, take full advantage of your machines processing power.

Take Presets Further
Sound Grinder includes Droplets providing instant conversion within the macOS Finder using your custom presets. Set up your conversion settings, choose "Create Droplet..." from the Preset Action menu and save the Droplet to any location. Now when you drag any file(s)/folder(s) to the saved droplet icon, Sound Grinder will process those files instantly using your specified settings!

Tackle Your Metadata
Sound Grinder provides support for several types of metadata, including reading and writing the full suite of ID3 tags in AIFF, WAVE and MP3 files. Metadata can now be displayed not only in the "Asset Info" pane, but also in the main "Asset List". Every metadata item can be edited for single or multiple assets by simply OPTION+clicking the edit field. Specific metadata items can be pre-filled for export in the new Metadata Tab in the conversion settings.


Full 64-bit processing support
Sophisticated processing engine for speed and stability
Droplets, providing quick drag-n-drop access to file conversion
Rapid Convert, providing in-Finder file conversion
One window design
Support for multiple sessions
Customizable list view
Multiple error logging levels

Comprehensive conversion engine
Metadata batch-processing
RMS and Peak normalizing
User presets
Full interleaved/split-stereo handling
"Retain Folder Structure" option
Naming options for Pro Tools™ compatibility with split audio files
Pull-up/pull-down sample rates
Custom sample rates
31 character name limit support

Support for ID3 tags, Vorbis Comments, FLAC Comments, and MPEG 4 User Data
Support for importing and viewing MPEG 4 and ID3 Artwork
Support for retaining Broadcast Extension (BEXT) metadata
Support for Pro Tools™ file comments and timecode stamps
Support for Finder/Spotlight comments
All metadata viewable in the list view.
Comprehensive metadata editing for export.

Preview conversion settings
Full playback control including scrubbing
Playback slider with scrubbing
Volume control slider with mute
Loop playback

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