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Go Bananas!
Sleek, powerful, and dominant, Library Monkey Pro is the 800-lb gorilla you need to handle all of your monkey business. A complete librarian and CD ripper with an integrated Sound Grinder Pro

Library Monkey Pro is the main event. Import, manage, edit, process and "Portion Control™" all your audio one place -- with full AU and VST Plug-in support. And don't worry if you're running ProTools®, Digital Performer®, Logic®, or another pro DAW, Library Monkey Pro fully adapts to any habitat.

Import It
Import your existing audio assets with a simple drag and drop, or import your iTunes library to get up and running quickly. You can also rip your CD audio libraries with full track and index support.

Organize It
Organize your assets according to their structure on your system in the form of Libraries. You can also create Sets, in which you can organize your assets by project, talent, character, time frame, or any criteria you desire. Your Sets can have a hierarchy, and an asset can be in as many Sets as needed. In addition, you can create Smart Sets according to any set of criteria and Library Monkey Pro will keep them up-to-date as you add and modify assets.

Find It
In addition to creating Smart Sets, you can find specific assets quickly by performing advanced searches. The search can be global or limited to specific Libraries or Sets. You can perform searches inside search results as well. Once you have found specific assets, store them in the Bin while you search for more. Once you're finished, select all the assets in the Bin for processing.

Edit It
Open your assets in the waveform editor, and perform actions such as normalize, auto-region, auto-trim, apply plugins, change sample rate and more. Create and name regions for easy separation and exporting. Work with fades, loops and markers with an intuitive interface. You can also edit multi-channel audio and customize the editing environment to your liking.

Process It
At the heart of Library Monkey Pro is a powerful processing feature set. From popular formats and codecs to POW-r dithering and plugin processing, there are few processing tasks you cannot tackle. Process multi-channel files with custom naming, force sample rates to repair files, recreate an entire directory in a new format and more. You can utilize several metadata features including: import from CSV files, in list editing, and metadata tab settings. In the metadata tab, you can even remap metadata to different fields.


Full 64-bit processing support
Sophisticated processing engine for speed and stability
Sophisticated processing engine for speed and stability
One window design
Customizable list view
Resizable control section
Quick access to conversion-only session
Rapid Convert providing in-Finder file conversion
Unattended processing mode
Customer Feedback System
Multiple error logging levels
Unicode support

Asset Management
Spot to Pro Tools™ and Logic Audio™
CD ripping with index support
iTunes XML Database import (all Tracks, Metadata, and Playlists)
User-defined fields
User-defined Sets
Smart Sets for automated searches
Recent search recall
Field specific searches
Multiple bins for quick asset recall
Support for Finder/Spotlight Comments, and other industry-wide standards
Open assets in external applications including Pro Tools™, Digital Performer, etc.

Waveform Editing
Mutli-channel editing
Movie Preview while editing
Waveform overview with advanced selection options
Sample-level editing
Resizable channel waveform view
Support for fades/loops/markers/regions
Auto-regioning with naming
Comprehensive edit actions

Comprehensive conversion engine
Portion Control for unparalleled export options
AU and VST plug-in support
Monkey Tools plug-in support
Multi-channel file support
RMS and Peak normalizing
Force sample rate feature
Advanced naming options
User presets
"Retain Folder Structure" option
Naming options for Pro Tools™ compatibility with split audio files
Pull-up/pull-down sample rates
Custom sample rates
31 character name limit support

Metadata batch-processing
Import Metadata via CSV
Copy metadata from selection
Support for Finder/Spotlight comments
Support for ID3 tags, Vorbis Comments, FLAC Comments, BWAV, Soundminer, MPEG 4 user data
Support for importing and viewing MPEG 4 and ID3 Artwork
All metadata viewable in the List view

Preview process settings
Full playback control including scrubbing
Playback slider with scrubbing
Volume control slider with mute
Loop playback

Version 3 now includes:

Support for 64-bit
List view audio overview
New Watermark plug-in
Compatibility with MacOS 10.10 or greater
Additional performance and stability enhancements

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