Cymatics Wait For Me Trap Project File

Cymatics Wait For Me Trap Project File

What goes through your mind when you hear “trap”?

Is it the dark melodies artists like Ekali are known for?

Or maybe it’s the energy that is present in just about every Boombox Cartel song.

One thing that IS present and synonymous with trap music though, is a strong low end.

However, that’s something a lot of amateur producers struggle with…
What if we told you we had a resource so great, that it had all THREE of these mind-blowing elements, and more!?

“Wait For Me” is an incredibly intense trap project file – filled to the brim with professional secrets that cover everything from sound design, mixing and mastering, writing, and the best of all: a MASSIVE low end!

Created meticulously by one of the best producers on our production team, this project has seen hours upon hours of work poured into it – all to ensure a professional quality project file that YOU can learn from!

Diving into this project will show you how each sound was made, the processing in order to achieve a full, wide, powerful mix, and every little detail that went into the writing.

You’ll have full access to years of knowledge, all at your fingertips..

So, what are you waiting for? Download the “Wait For Me” project file collection now!

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