How to Make Dubstep: Start to Finish - Riot How to Make Dubstep: Start to Finish - Riot

As many producers know, Dubstep is a hard-hitting genre filled with complex growls and basses. Due to the patience and practice that goes into this genre, it can be a daunting area for many – especially when you’ve never created it before.

In this course, seasoned producer Nasko will help you understand every single step that goes into creating mind-blowing Dubstep tracks. Whether you’re an experienced Dubstep producer or you’re just starting out, you will gain tons of useful tips and tricks that will help with writing, arranging, sound design, mixing, and mastering!

This is one of our most extensive and detailed Start To Finish courses yet – and it’s packed with information that will help any producer in any genre. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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