Cymatics Orbit: Future Bounce Project File

Cymatics Orbit: Future Bounce Project File

Future Bounce is a genre that has recently exploded on the scene.

With huge, playful basslines, and memorable topline melodies, it was no surprise this genre caught the attention of many fans across the world.

Artists like Mesto, Mike Williams, and even Martin Garrix have released huge Future Bounce songs that have been played across the world.

With how popular the genre has become, we were surprised to see that very few emerging artists were releasing Future Bounce!

We realized that despite the interest in the genre, many people might not know how to MAKE Future Bounce the way the pros do…

Which led us to “Orbit”.

Our very first Future Bounce project file, this track is massive!

Made by one of our very best house producers, the track is filled with catchy motifs, memorable melodies, and energy that is unparalleled on the dance floor.

Inside the project you’ll be able to see the sound design behind the genre, how to mix to attain the proper energy, and how to program drums that give a stellar groove!

If you’re interested in making your name in Future Bounce, download the Orbit Project File Collection now!

Included in this pack:
“Orbit” Ableton Project File
“Orbit” FL Studio Project File
“Orbit” Logic Project File

Format: .ALS / .LOGIC / .FLP
File Size (Zipped): 738.6 MB
File Count: 1 Project File (Ableton, Logic, FL Studio)

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