Starsky Carr Starsky's Singularity

Starsky Carr Starsky's Singularity

Here's the Logic File and Main Sub 37 sound I used. I mentioned in the show that I'd upload this, here so don't want to disappoint..

It's got a lot of Roland Cloud on this, for the 808 and 606, as well as U-He's DIVA (which I used to sketch out the main synth part), and a few 3rd party FX which I doubt anyone will have the exact same FX as me.But a lot has been bounced down to audio stems so it should be playable. and the MIDI parts are there which may be of use, even if just to look at how it was put together.

The arpeggio line is just a sawtooth as well - basically the same patch as the main lead with a single oscillator.

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