Standalone-Music Ableton 7ECHNO RUMBLE by 7 SKIES

Standalone-Music Ableton 7ECHNO RUMBLE by 7 SKIES

Ableton Techno Producers, this one is for YOU!
7ECHNO RUMBLE is a collection of 3 Racks for Ableton Live Suite specifically designed to help you create TECHNO RUMBLE KICKS in seconds!

We implemented techniques never used before on Ableton racks, the result and how quickly you'll get there will make this your go-to for techno rumbles for a very long time!

– Three Racks for Ableton live (Ableton Live Suite 11.3.4 and up or 12 Required)

– 30 ready-to-go Presets designed by 7 SKIES

– 16 Accessible macros to fine-tune the sound to your needs in seconds

– Revolutionary Reverb Reset, never heard before in Ableton racks, the reverb of your kick resets every time to give you a consistent rumble. No matter how long the reverb is, it will never overlap and create phase issues or inconsistent bass.

– The rumble tail automatically stops with the kick in your arrangement; no need to automate volume or mute to get rid of the reverb decay.

– Dissect the Racks, learn the techniques used to create the perfect techno rumble, and make them your own

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