Olexandr Ignatov Epic Orchestral Template (Studio One)

Olexandr Ignatov Epic Orchestral Template (Studio One)

Beautifully and carefully organized, this template layout is easy to understand and navigate, and super easy to use! The instruments are all packed in folders with all the individual patches names, as well as the library vendor names respectively. No additional processing was added and the template is FX-free, to remove the unnecessary load on a computer and so you can shape the sound to your needs.


95 tracks
Each patch from each library is loaded on a separate track
Only the best sounding libraries were included
Easy to navigate and use
Full support for NI Komplete Kontrol Keyboards (for nks supported patches)

In order to fully open and use this template you’ll need:

DAW - Studio One 5 (version 4 is also supported)
A pretty powerful computer

VSTs and Libraries you’ll need:

Komplete Kontrol (2.6.0)
Kontakt 5 (6.5.2)
Albion One
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Impact Soundworks - Mega Brass
Output - Analog Brass & Winds
EastWest Hollywood Pop Brass
8dio - Majestica
Auddict Master Brass
Tina Guo Cello 1&2
EastWest Hollywood Solo Violin
Symphony Essentials - Strings Ensemble
Native Instruments Action Strikes
Heavyocity Damage
Native Instruments Noire Piano
Native Instruments The Grandeur Piano
Spectrasonics Omnisphere

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