FLP Studio Tech Bass House Fl Studio Template - Right Now

FLP Studio Tech Bass House Fl Studio Template - Right Now

A Tech Bass House, Professional grade, Fl Studio Template, inspired by Fisher style, also Unknown7, Cloonee, Claude VonStroke, among other great producers, and their Music Production Techniques. This template song is focused on big drops, structure, build-ups, horns, Bass, automations, with much to learn about transitions, song structure, and much more.

The Template was made for Fl Studio 20, using Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 v3.062 (or higher) and Nicky Romero's Kickstart Vst Plugin. Also making use of Fl Studio's Stock FX and Stock Instruments as well. Tech Bass House Style samples for beginners are included, with a full arrangement Beat. Both fully Mixed and Mastered, ready for you to download and start playing it!

File size: 25.9 MB
Software, DAW: Fl Studio 20.7 (or higher).
VST Plugins: Lennar Digital´s Sylenth1 v3.062 (or higher), and Nicky Romero´s Kickstart Vst Plugin Required.
Song Key: D# Min
Time Length: 5:39
Genre: Tech Bass House
Drums: All Drum Samples are part of this zipped project. You can find them there.
Recommendations: If you run into any CPU issues, we’re using a 3rd generation Intel i7 at around 10% here so make sure to use Fln's freezing function and resampling techniques if you have trouble running the project.

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