Synth-Presets Production Toolkit for Valhalla UberMod

Synth-Presets Production Toolkit for Valhalla UberMod

"Production Toolkit" for Valhalla UberMod. Valhalla UberMod is a very powerful tool. It offers so many features, it cant be seen simply as a modulation plugin. In fact, it can offer some astounding and complex reverbs only matched by some of the most coveted reverbs. On top of this, it can emulate some really cool hardware chorus, phaser and flanger pedals and studio hardware. Beyond this, it can create some outstanding delay effects including tape and classic hardware delay units.

One of the things that make music productions more interesting is the inclusion of unique and complex "Ear Candy".
This is why historically we have seen the same engineers and producers on so many recordings, they have a "sound".
"Production Toolkit" for Valhalla UberMod is full of "ear Candy" and extraordinarily complex presets that you can access simply by loading a preset.

We have created a collection of 135 patches for Valhalla UberMod that go deep into the architecture of this complex plugin.
We feel that "Production Toolkit" includes some of our most interesting presets to date.
If you are interested in music production that goes beyond the mundane, the "Production Toolkit" is for you.
The collection contains a broad range of presets from classic hardware chorus pedals to completely new and unique mods.

Categories include:

Beautiful Spaces
Classic Delays
Extra Special Verbs
Guitar Mods
Harmonic Verbs
Hardware Modulation
Special Rooms
Tape Mods
Tone Shift Delays
Trick Mods
Vocal Double

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