StiickzZ Sticky Sounds Alan Walker Edition

StiickzZ Sticky Sounds Alan Walker Edition

Walker became pretty popular with his slowed down Progressive style. When his track ‘Faded’ was released it climbed up the charts in no-time, same goes for his follow-ups like ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ and ‘Alone’.

This just shows how popular his sound is right now!

This is the reason why we created this soundbank, to give you one of the hottest EDM sounds of the year!

Product Specifications:

Format: Synthesizer VSTi SoundBank
40 x Presets For (Lennar Digital Sylenth1)
13 x (Leads) Sounds
12 x (Basses) Sounds
10 x (Pads/Chords) Sounds
05 x (Plucks) Sounds
Requirements: Lennar Digital Sylenth1 v3.030+ or higher.

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