Fremen Presets Helix Synthpads and Tonematches

Fremen Presets Helix Synthpads and Tonematches

31 presets for firmware 2.21 and above – 13 “synthpads”, which uses the 4 OSC Generator as a backing for playing over (each snapshot triggers a different chord) ; and 18 tonematch presets, which uses exclusive IRs, to reproduce the sound of popular amps not available in the Helix (like the Diezel VH4, Friedman Dirty Shirley, ENGL Savage, Splawn etc.), or recording of amp that I like.

– The “synthpad” presets uses one 4 OSC Generator, and sometimes two of them for for more complex chords, followed by modulation. Those presets are for songs from Steve Vai, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, Santana, Shawn Lane, Genesis and U2, plus two generic ones.

– Included is a chart for correspondence between frequencies and musical notes, and a list of basic chords and corresponding frequencies, so you can customize those presets.

– I will add more presets like these in the future, for other specific songs, as a free bonus for existing customers. However, as the number of presets rise, the price of the pack may rise a little too, so it’s better to get it now

– This pack uses 24 user cabs : 15 for the tonematch presets, 8 from the Big Pack released in 2016, and one of my ( custom mix.


You need to put the user IRs in the right places – “090 LX TDR HG1.wav” goes to user spot 090, etc.

Watch this video for the easiest procedure

Full preset list :

Black star
Firth of Fifth
Hotel California
Lisa Epilogue
Little wing
Love of God
Shine on you
Song of the wind
Streets + ISHFWILF
TDR synth lead 1
TDR synth lead 2

Bagpipe Lead 1 (new – added 27-09-2017)

AC15 Redux
Blues Fest
Crunchy Match
Diezel VH4
Dirty Shirley
Dual Plexi
ENGL Savage
Fawn redux
Litigator 2
Litigator 3
Match blues LD
MKIV ultimate
Plexi 5
Plexi 6
Texas Blues

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