VintageSynthPads The Disputed Zone Vol.1

VintageSynthPads The Disputed Zone Vol.1

VSP has announced the release of The Disputed Zone for u-he Repro-5.

Here's what they say:

So many sound-set are tagged "Bread and Butter" and "EDM", this one is not. Back in the day of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, experimentation in the world of synthesis was looked at with excitement. Because the synthesizer was capable of things that no other instrument could do, sounds that were outside the box, added some "ear candy" to a production. The Disputed Zone is about this kind of pure syntheses. Sounds that are a world of their own, complex, dark, unique and most of all, musical.

The Disputed Zone includes 110 original presets for u-he Repro-5 designed to take your imagination to new heights. Suitable for all kinds of electronic styles where you want some extra "Ear Candy" added to your productions.

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