Cymatics Element Keys for Serum Vol.2

Cymatics Element Keys for Serum Vol.2

Creating a great melodic section in a song is more difficult than you think. Not only does the writing have to be great, but the sound design has to complement both the melodies and harmonies.

Not only is this difficult to nail, but for some it can be the decision maker when giving up on a song.

After years of frustration ourselves, we wanted to create a pack that ensures you NEVER have this issue.

Element Keys for Serum Volume 2 was made with melodics in mind. With the presets having the ability to inspire chord progressions and melodies, this pack is indispensable.

With some of the cleanest Key presets we’ve ever made, these can fit right into your mix – letting you focus on the writing. If you’ve ever struggled with writing chords or melodies, let this pack inspire you. Download Element Keys for Serum Volume 2 now!

Included in this pack:

30 Serum Key Presets


Format: .FXP
File Size (Zipped): 31.5 MB
File Count: 30 Presets

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